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Mental Illnesses: Psychological Disorders That Are Very Common Nowadays

Update Date: Jun 06, 2017 03:40 AM EDT

It is unfortunate to say that one in five adults experience psychological disorders during their lifetime. Research reports revealed that an approximate number of 20.2 million adults in the United States experience a substance use disorder every year.

Reports also cited that 50 percent of them have a co-occurring psychological illness. Get to know more details about them, here.

Instagram’s New Campaign Is A Beautiful Podium For Mental Health Awareness

A good step was taken by Instagram this year by launching a campaign titled #HereForYou, which is aimed to inspire users to open up about their mental health, reports Chicago Defender. Since this new launch took place, young adults and teens are mainly observed using the social media platform beautifully by sharing the tales of overcoming the difficulties of mental health. Now, it has become a good podium where users can post their feelings about mental health and receive support from other people.

Here, we will discuss a few psychological disorders for the sake of our readers, who can be more cautious about their emotions, mental, and physical activities.

Psychological Disorders That Are Very Common These Days

Bipolar Disorder is also known as manic depression. It is a type of mental disorder that causes shifts in mood and period of depression.

A person suffering from bipolar disorder behaves or feels abnormally energetic, glad or irritable. It is even seen that people with this disorder take decisions with a minute regard to the consequences.

Dissociative Disorder is another typical type of mental condition in which the person tends to have breakdown or disruption of memory, awareness, perception, and identity. If not precaution is taken at an early stage, the disorder may become chronic and the symptoms like memory loss, multiple personality disorder, disconnected from the reality (derealization), or even experiencing a sense of being outside of one’s own body (depersonalization) etc. It can imbalance the life vehemently, elaborates

Psychotic Disorder is known as a severe mental disorder, that causes abnormal thinking and perceptions. Even persons suffering from this disorder may lose their link with reality. They may even suffer from delusions, like false beliefs that someone is conspiring to kill them or the television is sending a secret message, as well as hallucinations like seeing, hearing or feeling something that is actually not there.

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