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Mindfulness Meditation Boosts Concentration, Learn Simple Steps Of Meditation

Update Date: Jun 05, 2017 05:40 AM EDT

Concentration is something that is highly essential in every aspect of life. Without it, success always remains a dream and this leads to stress, frustration, and depression. Get to know more about mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation helps the person to first recognize their weakened part(s) and gradually, the meditator beautifully does the surgery of his mind by removing all the impurities. As a result, not only concentration increases, he becomes free from all tensions and agonies. This is how the activity has always been a blessing for humanity.

Here are simple techniques for increasing consciousness or awareness. If you directly jump into mindfulness meditation, you may feel much tensed by seeing your mind jumping from one thought to another. Hence, it’s better to practice mindfulness while walking, eating, or performing any other activity before sitting for meditation, HTimes reminds.

How To Go Through Mindfulness Activities

While doing any activity, try to focus on your physical movement as an observer. You may find it a little bit different because the human mind has a natural tendency to always swing between the past and future thoughts, without fixing to the present.

Once you give your effort to focus on your physical activity (say, observe how your hand is taking the food to your mouth, how you are mindfully chewing, how the sensation or taste is carried to the brain and how you are swallowing), you will find your mind waves are settling down gradually. While walking, you can practice the same by focusing on your steps and physical movement without allowing your mind to think other thoughts. Practice this for 15-20 minutes and then sit to meditate.

What To Do And What Not To Do

Now sit and make your spine straight. Focus on the mid part of your two eyebrows and concentrate on the natural breathing process.

Never try to regulate it and let it flow with its normal process but you simply need to watch the breathing. Your mind may get distracted by other thoughts, but redirect it to the process of observing it. In a span of 15-20 minutes, you will surely find that your mind is gradually dropping or ceasing and the thoughts are not excessively flickering, TOI suggested.

Now you can redirect your consciousness to observing your thoughts. But the meditator should be a witness or bystander to every thought without judging good or bad. It’s like you are just watching the high moving traffic without recognizing any particular vehicle.

Once you are able to extend your time in this process regularly, you will surely find within a few weeks that your level of concentration on any activity is increasing gradually and you are able to accomplish it successfully. And, on the other hand, you are free from unnecessary tensions, agonies, and fear.

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