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Uterine Cancer Solution: Breastfeeding Reduces Risk, New Study Says

Update Date: Jun 04, 2017 07:49 PM EDT

Uterine cancer or cancer in the uterus is a highly growing disease for women across the world. A recent study showed that women who breastfeed their infants or at least one child tend to have a lower risk of getting the disease.

How Can Breastfeeding Reduce The Chance Of Getting It?

The study is recently being conducted by a team of Australian researchers at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. This is said to be the largest and most comprehensive study ever done on the connection between breastfeeding and uterine cancer, as reported by My Sunshine Coast.

Dr. Susan Jordan, the head of QIMR Berghofer’s Cancer Causes and Care Group along with her colleagues examined data from over 26,000 Australian women with at least one infant, including a big number of 9,000 women with the specific kind of cancer. “We found that the longer women breastfed each child, the more their risk of uterine cancer reduced, up until about nine months when the reduction in risk plateaued,” Dr. Jordan said.

Dr. Jordan added that the team looked into the total amount of time these women had spent breastfeeding over the course of their lives. They also minutely looked into the number of days the women were involved into breastfeeding their infants.

Later, the researchers came to a sort of conclusion that a woman who was breastfed two kids for nine months each had 22 percent lower risk of getting the cancer, compared to a woman who was never involved in breastfeeding her infants.

Researchers Say Having A Baby Reduces Risk

The recent research carried out in Australia also concluded that having a baby reduces the risk of getting the cancer. However, Dr. Jordan believes that the best thing is to ensure that the women have a healthy lifestyle.

According to The Cable Lifestyle, the key things to lower the risk of uterine cancer is eating well, keeping normal body weight, and regularly exercising. Stay tuned for more updates.

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