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Obesity Crisis: Proposal For Tax On Garments, Easy Steps For Weight Loss

Update Date: Jun 01, 2017 07:58 PM EDT

A weight loss expert is suggesting that clothing retailers should impose a fat tax on the garments of overweight people. This suggestion could be a warning to society that had seemed to consider obesity as normal.

Steve Miller Explains Why It’s Important To Impose Tax On Clothes

The controversial weight loss mentor, Steve Miller, is also known for previously saying that British nurses must wear badges if they are obese. Now, he said that people larger than size 20 must pay a special tax on their garments and he finds no other alternative to tackle the obesity crisis.

According to Heat Street, the former television host, Miller, was himself overweight but somehow emerged successful in losing over 50 pounds and gradually gaining a healthy weight. His transformation encouraged him to become an inspirational weight loss speaker.

“Motivating people to lose weight is not about being nice all the time. You have got to be firm. It’s the same with airplane seats - you should have to pay more if you are taking up more space,” Miller said.

A Few Tips For Weight Loss

Here are a few but important guidelines that will surely help you in reducing weight, as shared by

• Eating more fruits and vegetables, 7-10 serves per day.
• Planning is essential. It is better to get into the habit of carrying a healthy snack.
• Physical exercises, walking, running, and cycling are essential for weight loss.
• Eating mindfully will help you to get the taste of food at less quantity - so, you won’t end up overeating.

A majority of the people who are suffering from obesity don’t know what it really takes to achieve success in losing weight. Before getting into a weight-loss program, one needs to consider if his/her present life circumstances support the dedication that is required.

Hence, California-based registered dietitian Ana Reisdorf believes that it is always better to ensure that emotional and psychological barriers are initially addressed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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