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Biggest Animal On Earth Got So Big, Scientists Believe Climate Change Is Reason Behind This

Update Date: May 24, 2017 10:11 PM EDT

Scientists are absolutely stunned to see fossil records of ancient and present whales. They have finally come to a conclusion that the ancient whales were much smaller than the present living behemoths. Get to know what climate change has to do with it.

The largest of blue whales were only 15 feet long, millions of years ago. Whales started to grow at some point in time and turned into the biggest animals on this planet.

Now, what shocks scientists and researchers is that the evolutionary leap appeared to take place in a very short period from the perspective of an evolution, as reported by Pulse Headlines. Scientists have discovered a modern blue whale as big as 100 feet long - being the largest creature ever on Earth.

How The Blue Whales Became Largest Animal On Earth

Now, the question is why blue whales turned so big. One of the causes, why whales became so big, is mainly their food that consists of fish and krill.

Krill that was supposed to be spread throughout the ocean, did not take place, as the majority of its parts got packed into a small area. This allowed the larger whales to eat the krill’s dense pockets and flourish, as they could feed more efficiently, compared to the smaller counterparts.

Effect Of Climate Change Brought Some Major Differences

According to researchers, the reason for this big difference is mainly due to the constant climate change that has highly affected the food that the whales eat. The researchers concluded that the when the alternations started taking place, the poles got colder than ever before - ice expanded, winds shifted, and most importantly, water circulation in the oceans also changed direction, NPR reports.

“Before that, whale food was spread out, relatively easy to get at. Now, they are giant buffets amid hundreds of miles of whale food deserts. That’s why you can see lots of whales in the summer in California’s Monterey Bay,” Graham Slater at the University of Chicago said.

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