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Learn Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation On Kids & School-goers, Former Cricketer Justin Langer’s Improvement Through It

Update Date: May 24, 2017 07:29 PM EDT

In previous articles, it has been seen how mindfulness meditation is highly effective to control thoughts, emotions, anger, and successfully handle all sorts of problematic situations. Now, the benefits of meditation for kids will be looked into.

Companies or organizations like Mindful Schools and MindUp are mainly responsible for successfully introducing mindfulness meditation programs in schools for the purpose of offering the students psychological benefits like reduced stress and increases attention or concentration, as said by Vox. Institutional heads said the evidence and signs for the activity are based on decades of scientific research.

How Do Students Benefit From Mindfulness Meditation?

Multiple studies on mindfulness in schools lend various positive reports on the ability of students to take the subjects in a much better way. Their cognitive performance is also increased.

Students are reported to be able to provide more attention to their studies and playfield. Most importantly, they are almost free from anxiety and fear - even during the period of school examinations.

Mindfulness meditation mainly deals with noticing the breathing and mind thoughts, whatever comes up in the body and mind. The meditator should not get identified with the sensations, thoughts, emotions etc. and trying to stop them immediately.

He or she needs to be a complete witness to all bodily and mental activities, which will create more awareness and concentration. And most importantly, the meditator will be able to recognize the sources of their physical and mental agonies and they will be able to handle the situation in a much better way.

How Former Cricketer Justin Langer Became A Much Better Player Overnight

According to Justin Langer (former cricketer and current coach of Western Australia and the Perth Scorchers in Australian domestic cricket), just like an engine oil lubricates moving parts and prevents them from creating friction, meditation protects the mind by reducing negative conflictive thinking. It also helps in the development of psychological awareness and clearer skill-based decision-making, The 42 reports.

“I was introduced to meditation in 1993, it is very important part of any success I have had as a sportsman, a coach but also as a person,” Justin Langer said. He further said that he learned how to have more control over one’s own thought and concentration was highly important from the performance point of view.

All of a sudden, Langer became a much better player because he didn’t get distracted and his confidence boosted up due to the regular practice of meditation. Stay tuned for more updates.

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