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LSD Microdosing: How Will Human Brain Perform Against AI Computer In A Game

Update Date: May 17, 2017 11:05 PM EDT

LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide is a psychedelic drug known for its altering end results on the mind of its users. Learn more about LSD microdosing and some of its effects on the human brain.

Reportedly, other so-called spiritualists also use LSD as a recreational drug, to get the essence of a trance but that is actually a pseudo and no way linked to spirituality. One way LSD is being used now, is through microdosing.

Using LSD To See Activity Of Human Brain

LSD advocates have long claimed that consuming LSD or any sort of psychedelic drugs, bestows the users an extraordinary higher state of consciousness - although long term usage of these drugs will have a tremendous effect on both body and brain. Presently, the researchers working on these drugs are trying their best to experiment with a human brain on LSD, against an AI (artificial intelligence) computer in a game of Go, as reported by Daily Mail.

The well-known, renowned researcher, Amanda Feilding, an English drug policy reformer and the founder of Beckley Foundation in Oxford is the founder of this idea. She is said to be an advocate for LSD microdosing, who also used the drug daily before getting tp work to enhance her creativity and production before it was made illegal in 1968. Before 1968, she used to play Go in her free time.

“I found that if I was on LSD and my opponent wasn’t, I won more games,” the 74-year old Amanda Feilding said to Motherboard. She further said that it was a transparent indication to her that it improves cognitive function, mainly a type of intuitive pattern recognition.

Does LSD Intensify Creativity And Problem Solving?

The source added that if Feilding and her team members continue their study with the application of LSD, then they will often scan the participants’ brains while playing the game (after consuming the psychedelic drug). They will be doing it with a hope to learn how the drug alters brain connectivity to boost creativity and problem solving.

If this test takes place, it will be the first ever scientific trial into LSD microdosing. Stay tuned for more updates.

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