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Cancer Cure: Breast Milk Application; New Discoveries Show Hamlet Kills Cancer Cells

Update Date: May 15, 2017 04:51 AM EDT

Scientists and researchers have been constantly trying to find a cancer cure for several decades now. The final destination seems to be playing like a mirage in the desert.

However, recent findings of a group of scientists show that breast milk may help cure cancer for containing a substance that kills tumor cells. Learn more about it, here.

Breast Milk As Cancer Cure?

Swedish researchers from the University of Lund have tracked promising results from breast milk in patients suffering from bladder cancer. According to Daily Mail, scientists have named the compound, Hamlet, which is found in breast milk.

They are claiming that Hamlet targets cancer cells alone. If they can be used for a long time, this could reduce the necessity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Scientists are working more on the utilization of breast milk to cure cancer in any part of the body, not only the bladder, bowel, or cervix. On the other hand, their intention is to establish an alternative to radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments that undoubtedly damage even healthy cells, along with cancerous cells in the body.

This initial findings against humanity’s constant combat against cancer was discovered by Professor Catharina Svanborg (an immunologist at Lund University in Sweden). This happened while she was engrossed in researching antibiotics.

Alpha-Lactalbumin Becomes A Cancer-Fighting Agent When Applied

Professor Svanborg clearly stated that Hamlet found in breast milk has a special ability to target tumor cells and kill them. This is because breast milk contains a protein called alpha-lactalbumin, that when applied becomes transformed into a cancer-fighting agent while in the gut. “To our amazement, when we added this compound of milk, the tumor cells died. It was a totally serendipitous discovery,” Professor Svanborg said, as reported by The Independent.

The previous trials in patients suffering from bladder cancer included the insertion of Hamlet. This resulted in the shedding of dead tumor cells through their urine within days. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on this developing cancer cure and other cancer-related researches and discoveries.

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