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Get To Know Why Obesity Should Be Considered A Disease; Gluten-Free Foods Augments Obesity Risks

Update Date: May 11, 2017 07:01 AM EDT

Obesity is a condition in which an excess amount of body fat is accumulated and usually considered to have a bad effect on one's health. Get to know how gluten-free foods are said to affect an obese individual.

Recent research reports stated that obesity in children has tripled in the last three decades. World Obesity Federation experts have claimed that this unnatural accumulation of fat fits the epidemiological model of a disease process that mainly has the cause of pathological agents like food and not any microbe.

Is Obesity Actually A Disease?

According to EurekAlert!, there is still a controversy or argument among doctors and researchers on the fact that whether or not obesity should directly be called a disease. The source added that American obesity researcher, Dr. George Bray and his research team have examined how excess eating of food, added with low physical activity interact with genetic susceptibility. Several environment factors are also responsible for obesity to some extent.

“Accepting the concept that obesity is a chronic disease process is important for several reasons,” said Dr. Bray. “It shows that if we can successfully treat obesity, many of its associated diseases will be eliminated,” he added. He insisted that if experts agree to announce obesity as a disease, it would benefit people who have been suffering and prefer to go for the medical suggestion.

Gluten-Free Foods Increase Chance Of Fat Accumulation

Joaquim Calvo Lerma (of Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe, Valencia) has founded that if anyone starts consuming gluten-free foods by replacing staples, they will have a higher risk of obesity. This is because those products usually are filled with high levels of fats that get gradually accumulated in the body and start malfunctioning the various organs, as reported by The Guardian.

On the other hand, some researchers also believe that sleep is much important in both children and adults to have hormone levels in balance, otherwise this could also be a cause of obesity. Stay tuned for more updates on obesity and gluten-free foods.

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