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Heart Disease Highly Caused By NSAIDs; Cheese & Dairy Don’t Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

Update Date: May 11, 2017 03:44 AM EDT

The rising occurrence of heart disease has become one of the most alarming issues in the world of medical science today. Cardiologists, biologists, and researchers are constantly giving their endeavor to find out the maximum reasons for the condition and its remedies.

Recent reports revealed that consumption of painkillers may increase the risk of suffering from any type of heart-related problem. Get to know more details, here.

Is NSAID A Big Cause For Heart Conditions?

A new report claimed a link between anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as ibuprofen and the risk of heart attack. According to NHS, the researchers have minutely gone through the data of 446,763 people and tracked new evidences that almost majority of the commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (also called NSAIDs) increase the risk of heart disease and attack.

They have noticed the rise of risk in the first week of application of these drugs. They also discovered that the risk of heart ailment was highest with the higher increase in dose.

The researchers may have been successful in recognizing NSAIDs as one of the vital causes of heart disease and attack but the study does not indicate how likely people consuming NSAID are having the risk of heart attack, compared to people who had not used these drugs in the last few years. But it is clear that the risk actually varies from person to person.

The source also reported that the study was performed by the researchers from from McGill University and the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montreal, both located in Canada. The researchers from Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology based in Germany and Hospital District of Helsinki in Finland were also involved in this extensive research.

Cheese And Milk Products Don’t Increase The Change Of Heart Conditions

On the other hand, a report released by Newsweek revealed that eating cheese and other dairy products do not augment the risk of heart disease and stroke. The scientists at the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH) at the University of Reading, England analyzed that there is no link between the quantity of cheese, yogurt and milk products people intake and their chances of heart-related or cardiovascular disease.

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