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Diabetes News: Health Effects Of Fresh Fruits To Diabetics; Which Work Best For Your Diet

Update Date: May 05, 2017 08:44 PM EDT

One of the natural ways of lowering the risk of diabetes is eating fresh fruits. Get to know how practicing this habit daily can help.

How Can Consuming Fresh Fruits Lower Risk?

Eating fruits surely play a role in managing diabetes. Some of us savor its good taste, at the same time enjoying the healthy benefits we could get from fresh fruits.

The inclusion of fresh fruits in our daily diet is a good reason to beat the threat of diabetes. Well and Good mentioned that since fruits are full of fiber and rich in antioxidants, they provide the exact micro- nutrients that the body needs.

According to Dr. Emily Burn, Diabetes UK’s Research communication Manager, “Fresh Fruits have a lot of health benefits and it’s a myth that people who suffered the disease should avoid themselves of eating fresh fruits”. She added to her studies, that the kind of sugar in the whole fruit is not the same to the sugars in the manufactured food like the use of refined sugar as the artificial sweetener.

Why Do Some Diabetics Stop Eating Fresh Fruits?

As per New York Times, Everybody knows the importance of eating fresh fruits is good for our health. However, people diagnosed with diabetes abstain from eating fruits because of its sugar content.

Fruits contain natural sugar in the form of Fructose. But a team researchers of finding out spearheaded by Huai Dong Du of University of Oxford in the UK, decided to investigate on the effects of eating fresh fruits in patients who have diabetes induced the risk of complications.

The study also noted that people with the condition who consumed fresh fruit for more than three days in a week had a 17 percent risk of dying early. Now, there are organic fruits that have low sugar contents.

Which Fruits Are Okay To Consume?

A diabetic person, especially one who suffers from type 2 is mindful of their recommended sugar intake. These are some guilt-free fruits that can still be eaten.

A cup of strawberries has only seven grams of sugar, grapefruits are the best option as an alternative to sugary snacks, avocados has little grams of sugar that are filled with healthy fats and fiber. Another option to try are berries; the blackberries and the raspberries, given their sweet taste only contain 8 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. Other fruits that can be included in the list are apples, peaches and oranges.

You can discover the healthy yet long lasting benefits of eating fruits. These are much helpful for everybody, especially for those with Diabetes.

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