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Back Pain Can Be Prevented With More Activities, Experts Indicate [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 05, 2017 09:47 AM EDT

Back pain is a common problem that can be experienced by many at any age. There have been several medications offered for the kind of pain all these years. However, a recent report indicated that being active may be the only way to treat this kind of pain.

Be Active And Avoid Pain In Your Back

Most people fear back pain and think of it as a serious illness. However, experts assured that this may heal in due time, as reported by Express. It is indicated that being active can actually provide healing. Bed rest must be avoided and a person must have normal activities every day.

Recent studies indicated that prolonged rest and less activity can lead to higher levels of back pain. Rest can be possible at a certain period of time, in order for recovery to take place. However, it is advised that a person must be doing normal activities in order to prevent further back pain.

Pain Killers Don't Work?

There also is not enough evidence for pain killers to take away the uneasy feeling of pain. It is indicated that exercise can always be a treatment for the pain. It should be remembered that the lower back is strong and cannot be damaged right away with pain.

Several individuals may be experiencing back pain because of different activities. It is important for each person to know how to get into shape so for the body to be fit. This kind of pain in the body can be avoided and eventually be healed.

Meanwhile, there are drugs prescribed for back pain that only give a temporary relief. It may also be harmful for the person, since most of the drugs that are prescribed are opioid, according to Consumer Reports.

Much needed rest can be helpful to refresh one's body but with normal activities every day, back pain can be prevented. It is important to do an exercise that can fit one's routine and body. This way, the pain can be lessened in the future.

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