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Lessening Consumption Of Amino Acids Could Possibly Reduce Cancer Risks; Here's Why

Update Date: May 05, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

Cancer is one of the world's most dangerous illness. Experts are still searching for a possible cure or way to prevent against this sickness. There are recent reports that the organic compound, amino acids can possibly help to decrease risks of cancer.

What Are Amino Acids?

These organic compounds are building blocks of the body. They provide protein for cells and help in the process of building muscles and tissues. There's a recent study that if you lessen the consumption of these organic nutrients, it can help to decrease the dangers of cancer. How can this be?

Lessening Cancer Risk

Science Daily reported that researchers at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and the University of Glasgow discovered that eliminating two non-essential amino acids, such as serine and glycine from the food intake of mice decreased the growth of cancer cells.The experts also detected that the specific diet made some cancer cells more responsive to compounds in cells, described as the reactive oxygen species.

Why Experts Think That It Will Help In Fighting Cancer?

The publication added that some cancer treatments like chemotherapy, increase levels of these compounds in the cells, This analysis recommends a specifically formulated regimen, that could make standard cancer medications more efficient.

The Restricted Diet

A regular diet consist of protein-rich food and it is the main source of amino acids, that are essential for improved well-being. So a person could not easilly eliminate protein on their diet by doing just a simple program.

Experts are planning to make a less protein diet that will eliminate the excess nutrients. They admitted that devising a diet without the two amino acids would be quite challenging and they would experiment it on strong individuals first to comprehend how sustainable it was, how comfortable it was to maintain, and how it influences our levels of the organic compounds, BBC reported. Stay tuned for more updates.

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