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Drinking Soda Not Good For Brain, According To Research; Here’s What We Know So Far [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 05, 2017 05:25 AM EDT

Soda or commonly called soft drink is a type of beverage that contains artificial flavors and sugar. Let's find out how it affects our mental health.

Effects Of The Drink To Our Brain

In America, a lot of people like soda or energy drinks, but is this good for their health? In a report by Science Daily, a new research implied that plenty of sugar - particularly the fructose in sweetened beverages like soft drinks might harm the brain.

Experts who conducted this analysis utilized the data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS), found that individuals who consume soda constantly have a greater chance to have weaker memory. They will possibly have a smaller hippocampus, a brain component that is essential for learning and memory.

Other Health Risks

Daily Star added that another study stated that people who are drinking carbonated drinks too often are also prone to the risks of dementia and stroke, much more than those people who did not drink soft drinks at all. The experts stated that carbonated drinks or diet soda should not be seen as a healthier alternative.

Individuals are advised to shift to water or unsweetened beverages, per a statement from Dr. Matthew Pase, of Boston University School of Medicine.Their conclusions show a correlation among higher sweetened drink consumption and brain atrophy, incorporating lower brain volume that may lead to poor memory.

Although, experts also stated that these studies still need to be interpreted broadly to accurately prove the effects of carbonated drinks to the brain and body. They suggested that adults ages 45 years old and above should lessen their intake of carbonated to avoid heath related problems.

Meanwhile, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) stated that low-calorie drinks are safe for consumption. Stay tuned for more health related updates on food and drinks.

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