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Sex Is Always Better For Mental Troubles; Nonexistent Female Orgasms Have Various Reasons

Update Date: May 04, 2017 04:19 AM EDT

Sex is considered as one of the vital medicines to get rid of stress, anxiety, frustration, or any other mental pressures. But in some researches it is found that a certain percentage of women are not able to come out of their mental distress, despite having sex with their partners.

Researchers have found that women who are being helped to reach climax during sex and get the ecstasy of orgasm live a stress-free, life compared to those women who are anyhow left unfulfilled.

Multiple Reasons Behind The Decline Of Interest For Sex

Experts also believe there could be a plenty of reasons why mainly women unknowingly move away from having intimacy with their partners and gradually spoil the relationship. Any sort of depression, fear, agony, frustration etc. (these may be the outcome of personal or professional unrest) can push the women away from her inner desire of participating in the act and reaching orgasm.

On the other hand, the matter may be different in some men, who in this sort of situation may crave for sex more than before. However, some men also abstain from physical contact while suffering from mental depressions.

“The vast majority of young, healthy women (no medical disorders, not related to a medication, they are either single or in a healthy relationship) who come into see me about never having an orgasm. It’s because of something mental,” Leah S. Millheiser, MD, Director of the Female Sexual Medicine programme at Stanford University Medical Centre said to Glamor, while discussing about sex, as stated by ExpressShe further added that while having sex, these women are fully aware that they are pulling themselves behind from reaching orgasm, per Huffington Post.

However, apart from mental hindrances, there could be some biological problems like peripheral vascular disease that reduces blood flow to the limbs. This is the main cause of weak or nonexistent orgasms.

Biological Reasons Like Peripheral Vascular Disease Is A Big Obstacle

Peripheral vascular disease can happen to anyone due to the increase in diabetes or cholesterol level, that decreases the blood flow in the legs and genital organs. On the other hand, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or, any other nervous system disorders can leave an impact on sexual pleasures and orgasm. In this case, the person should consult a doctor and undergo medical tests.

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