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Teenager Commits Suicide Due To Anorexia and Mental Illness; How To Address Suicide And Possibly Prevent It

Update Date: May 04, 2017 03:54 AM EDT

Suicide and attempted suicide has been dubbed as a mental illness, in which many people are suffering from - including young kids, teenagers, and adults. Recently, a young girl committed suicide due to anorexia. Get to know how people can address it and possibly know if someone is planning to commit suicide.

A report from the Daily Trust revealed that the cases of suicide and attempted suicide have grown in number in the past year. Fortunately, Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri, a Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, revealed how people can spot the signs of suicidal thoughts in people.

Signs And Why We Need To Address Suicidal Thoughts

Dr. Kadiri said that there are a lot of signs that a person might be thinking or attempting to commit suicide. The signs include the change in their behavior or the presence of new behaviors.

One is when a person is talking about death or asking about ways of killing himself. Also, he mentioned looking into when a person loses interest in the things he used to love and care about in the past. Signs also include commenting about being helpless, worthless, or hopeless.

“It is unfortunate that we have to wait for disaster before we take proactive measures to curb the situation. Suicide has been in existence in Nigeria, it just was not this magnified," Dr. Kadiri said.

"It is because a doctor that Nigerians believe should know better was involved that this brought out the many crisis we are facing. After that incidence, we have been having the werther effect or copycat suicide every now and then.” he added.

Dr. Kadiri said suicide prevention really needs proper collaboration and coordination to ensure it will have effective results. As per Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, suicide is not the way to deal with loss or the way to end difficuly situations in life. “Suicide has to stop and this involves joint campaign by everyone,” Dr. Kadiri continued.

Teenager Commits Suicide Due To Anorexia

Pippa McManus, 15, died after she stepped at the Gatley railway station back in Dec 2015, per The Independent. The teenager who suffered from anorexia committed suicide a few days after she was released from The Priory hospital, where she was diagnosed with mental health condition. She reportedly wrote several goodbye letters to her family and her dog before taking her own life.

“I do want to grow up and have a life, at the moment I do not have one," the young girl wrote in her goodbye letter. "I cannot fight anorexia anymore. I have tried so very hard, but it has won me.”

Today, her parents, James and Marie McManus have started a foundation in memory of Pippa to help people who are suffering from the condition and to hopefully address to prevent suicide due to anorexia as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

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