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Myeloid Leukemia In Adults Can Now Be Treated With New Medicine [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 02, 2017 07:05 PM EDT

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a kind of disease in which the bone marrow produces unusual myeloblasts (red/white blood cells).This disease is most common in adults.

Just recently a new medicine called Rydapt was approved by the FDA to be included as one of the medications to this type of cancer. Get to know more details about it.

What Are The Causes Of This Disease?

This type of cancer is caused by the abnormalities in the development of red/white blood cells in the body The premature development of the cells begins in the bone marrow.

The cells don't mature in the usual way and that's what cause the sickness. This type of leukemia can spread fast on the body, depending on how the patient is affected. Exposure to chemicals and higher levels of radiation are also two of the main factors why a person acquires this ailment.

Treatment For The Disease

Myeloid Leukemia can be treated by chemotherapy and other prescribed drugs. Just recently the Food and Drug Administration approved Rydapt drug to be included in prescribed medications for this type of cancer.

US News reported that Rydapt (midostaurin) has been recognized in combination with chemotherapy, as a treatment. The publication added that per FDA, this kind of leukemia affects less than 20,000 individuals and nearly 10,000 people died because of this disease every year.

What Type Of Medicine Is Rydapt?

Tucson reported that Rydapt belong to a group of medicines called kinase inhibitors that are produced to obstruct enzymes that cultivate cancer cell growth. The medication was tried and tested on 700 individuals who suffered Myeloid leukemia during a previous research.

The research proved that this medication can decrease the percentage of the patients who died with this type of disease. Endorsement of Rydapt was given to the Swiss medicine manufacturer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Stay tuned for further updates on Rydapt.

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