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Pot Smokers News: Marijuana Effects To Users; Weed Abuse Can Cause Loss Of Concentration And Focus

Update Date: Apr 29, 2017 10:01 AM EDT

Pot smokers are reportedly needed by researchers in Berlin for their new study. Get to know the effects of smoking marijuana and what happens if a user smokes weed everyday.

A recent report from USA Today stated that there are millions of people who smoke weed everyday, Yet, pot smokers might not be knowledgeable enough about the effects of smoking weed in their health.

Pot Smokers And The Effects of Marijuana

As per the outlet, pot smokers celebrated the day of what it means to eat, smoke, and vape marijuana. Pot smokers honor April 20 as the informal celebration day of smoking weed.

Marijuana is still taken as a recreational medicine and drug by many people, especially in other foreign countries. However, the federal government still sees marijuana and pot smoking as illegal and without health advantages. People continue to use the drug, even if they do not have prescription from a doctor.

As per Dr. Stuart Gitlow, who is a professor at the University of Florida and a former president of American Society of Addiction Medicine, marijuana today is even stronger than it was a few years ago. It reportedly gives one a more psychedelic feeling, rather than just a mild sense of intoxication.

Gitlow even concluded that a small amount of marijuana can cause hallucinations and paranoia, which could fade after a few hours. However, daily consumption of weed can promote chronic loss of focus, attention, and concentration.

Too Much Weed Cause Pyschosis?

The same outlet even added that Deborah Hasin, who is a professor of epidemiology at the Columbia University in Mailman School of Public Health, revealed that heavy users can become addicted and dependent to weed. Too much weed can reportedly lead to psychosis.

“If you increase the prevalence of users, you are going to increase the prevalence of people who have adverse consequences,” Hasin says.

Researchers suggested that pot smokers should not use marijuana daily and if possible, it should be used under the prescription of a doctor. Stay tuned for more details on this report.

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