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Kidney Stone Risk Increases With Excess Sugar & Salt; Adequate Hydration Reduces Chances

Update Date: Apr 29, 2017 09:51 AM EDT

Medical sciences say that kidney stones pass from the kidney, where it generates through the bladder and ureter, and finally move out of the body through the urethra. But there are some special cases when the kidney stones don’t find the path to move out from the body, due to several reasons - and pain becomes intolerable to patients.

Here are  some important ways, in terms of diets that you can take if you are an acute kidney stone sufferer. Read on and get to know more details.

What Should Be Avoided To Reduce Chance Of Stones In Kidneys?

Before going into anything, one should always go for a medical test to check if you are having stones in your kidneys or not. Doctors’ advice is also mandatory.

Apart from this, it is always better to reduce the amount of sugar (fructose and sucrose) and salt you take every day, as these elements increase stone risk in kidneys. Intake of high oxalate-rich foods (such as French fries, potato chips, nuts, bran flakes, to name a few) should be highly reduced, mainly for the people suffering from kidney stones.

On the other hand, Herald Tribune reported that there are some dietary factors to cut down kidney stone risk by oxalate-rich foods. Lemon, consisting of citric acid and increased potassium reduces the risk of kidney stone. Remember, calcium is always paradoxical, according to medical science because supplemental calcium augments risk of kidney stone and dietary calcium does the exact opposite.

How Adequate Drinking Of Water Reduces Risk Of Kidney Stone?

Apart from all these, you should remember that adequate hydration is always mandatory to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Water flushes the toxins out of the body. If toxins get accumulated in the body.

It not only increases the chance of stones in kidney, But other diseases like acute indigestion, constipation, bile problem, uric acid, malfunctioning of liver, pancreas etc. can also take place.

According to Daily Mail, a cardiologist has somehow managed to diagnose himself with kidney stones by simply using his mobile. Dr. Topol was able to plug a portable ultrasound scanner into his mobile device and had put it against his body.

Then, he was able to get the scanned images in his device of his swollen kidney, which redirects it to stone. Later his diagnosis has been confirmed by doctors at the hospital. Stay tuned for more updates on this report.

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