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Nappiness: Key To Happiness Can Be Achieved Through Afternoon Napping

Update Date: Apr 29, 2017 09:19 AM EDT

Happiness and good health can now be achieved through afternoon napping. A new research claimed that people can actually feel more happy if they sleep a few hours in the afternoon. It is now called, nappiness.

There is no doubt that problems come constantly in the life of people. Fortunately, it cannot affect a person's mental health quickly if the person will take afternoon naps, because napping can actually lead to happiness, which is called nappiness.

What Is Nappiness And Its Effects?

According to a recent report from Daily Mail, happiness can be achieved just by napping called, nappiness. Researchers now claimed that the secret to happiness can be achieved by having an afternoon nap of 30 minutes or less, as this can improve person's well-being, mental health and boost performance.

Per Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire, napping under 30 minutes can help a person become more focused, creative and productive. However, those who took longer naps were less happy.

Nappiness Boosts Productivity and Creativity

The study found out that 66% of the short nappers felt happier compared to the long nappers. "According to their responses, nappers were then given a happiness score," the report claimed. "The findings revealed that those who took a brief daytime doze had an average score of 3.67 on a five-point scale, while non-nappers scored 3.52 and long-nappers 3.44."

Many successful companies like Google have installed dedicated nap rooms and spaces for their employed. Napping has reportedly made them more productive.

As per The Spec, feeling relaxed while working even boosts the worker's memory and it also takes away depression. Perhaps, any worker could stop for a minute and be happy.

At the end of the day, nappiness can help any person knowing that you need to do the job, yet also obtain good health and happiness.

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