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World War 3 May Allegedly Start Anytime; North Korea To US, ‘No Man Alive’ In Nuclear Threat

Update Date: Apr 27, 2017 07:06 PM EDT

Get to know if there is a premonition of a World War 3. North Korea has conveyed a chilling message, cum warning of a great war against the United States - promising that its military is all set to fight to the darkest end leaving “no man alive.”

The message was clear when North Korea vowed to give a shocking deadly strike to annihilate the US forces if the nation agitates war in the Korean peninsula. Get to know more details, here.

What Did Horacio Villegas, Nostradamus, And Baba Vanga Predict About World War 3?

Before going into the political rivalries between the US and North Korea, here's a reminder of a mystic named Horacio Villegas, who has predicted that World War 3 will start on May 13, 2017. He also declared in 2015, with the use of his mystical power that Donald Trump would win the 2016’s US Presidential Election. He, along with the last century’s blind woman mystic, Baba Vanga and 16th century’s Nostradamus all predicted that World War 3 would commence in 2017.

North Korea Won’t Stop Conducting Nuclear Threat

According to CNN, a North Korean government official, Sok Chol Won, has vowed in a rare interview on behalf of his nation’s leader that the nuclear test (in North Korea) would never stop - as long as the US continued what they viewed as act of aggression.

However, he did not reveal where North Korea’s 6th nuclear test would take place but marked it an important part of their continued efforts to strengthen the nation’s nuclear forces. “As long as America continues its hostile acts of aggression, we will never stop nuclear and missile tests,” he said.

Experts are saying that World War 3 can be escalated anytime, as there is always an increasing fear of looming outburst of armed conflict in the Korean peninsula. And this is possible because Donald Trump’s administration has refused any talks with China and Japan, to rule out any option of military action to deal with the threat portrayed by North Korea.

Vladimir Putin’s Military Official Claims US’ Secret Plan Against Russia And China

One other hand, Daily Star reported that Russia claimed to have official evidence that the US has a secret plan to attack a nuclear strike on Russia or China. Vladimir Putin’s one military chief has revealed that the US is installing anti-ballistic missile defense systems all around the globe, as a sort of preparation with an objective to attack China and Russia.

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