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Stress, Anxiety, Agitation & Frustration’s Causes Unearthed; Vital Steps To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Update Date: Apr 27, 2017 09:15 AM EDT

It is known that the rate of people suffering from stress and anxiety is increasing every year in America. There may be several reasons why researchers and psychologists have figured out the solutions but the true fact is that the growing number is not arrested at all.

There may be a plenty of factors for people of all age groups suffering from stress and anxiety, but two major reasons mentioned by Time have kept them for several decades stressed, anxious, and agitated.

How Societal Fear Causes These?

The foremost reason is societal. With the augmentation of inequality, our fears about basic necessities increase. Constant fear in mind of losing financial security, social standing etc. is one of the main societal reasons that even enhances stress and anxiety followed by agitation and frustration.

How Personal Reasons Augment These Two?

The other reason for anyone suffering from stress and anxiety is more personal and critical as well. Psychologists have found that many people these days are suffering from stress dysregulation more as compared to early people used to suffer 40 to 50 years back.

The researchers said that through excess secretion of cortisol (it is often called stress hormone due to its connection to the stress response), this (stress) dysregulation is able to make the typical stress response too easy to trigger and too difficult to turn off. As a result, people get to suffer from high agitation without any reason and interestingly they find no ways to regulate their minds and get back to its normal position. In this way, anxiety starts increasing, as the mind does not want to face the challenge or any difficult situation in future.

Steps To Stay Away

According Good Men Project, there are several ways to control and get rid of stress and anxiety. Apart from good diet, physical exercises, and seeking help from intelligent persons, you need to know some processes that should be applied by yourself so that your mind is not being attacked by stress and anxiety.

The foremost is self-awareness. The basic formula of self-awareness is knowing one’s own mind as an observer or witness. This is highly attained to those people who are good in awareness or consciousness meditation.

Secondly, once you get to know your personal desires, you can check and understand its absolute necessities. Once you find yourself that your desires are simply to increase your social stand and ultimately fuel your ego, you can continue to ignore your desires. This is how you can stay away and even get rid of stress and anxiety.

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