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Vaccine For Cancer: Experts Found Possible Cancer Cure; Here’s What We Know So Far

Update Date: Apr 25, 2017 08:53 AM EDT

Cancer is considered as one of the most deadly diseases worldwide. As years passed, medical experts are still finding and discovering permanent treatment for it. Just recently, there are reports that medical professionals discovered a new vaccine for cancer, which can cure some types.

Vaccine For Cancer

Science Daily reported that clinical experts and researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center have produced the first nanoparticle vaccine immunotherapy, that aims to cure various types of cancer. The publication also stated this new vaccine for cancer is called the nano vaccine and it has tumor antigens. These tumor proteins can be recognized by the immune system.

Purpose Of The Nano Vaccine

Nanoparticle vaccines produce minuscule particulates that spur the immune system to develop an immune response. The purpose of this latest medical discovery is to boost people's own bodies to resist cancer.

This new vaccine for cancer can possibly guard individuals against tumors or cancerous cells. It has butted 20 mutated proteins different to each patient's tumors and has hindered initial recurrence in 12 patients with the disease.As reported by Science World Report.

Positive Results Of The Vaccine

The conclusions of the research on the latest vaccine were bestowed to the American Association for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C. The research was headed by Catherine Wu. After the research the experts did a clinical trial.

In the clinical trial, the specialists get about 20 neoantigens every patient. The vaccines were injected under the skin of the patients for about 160 days and the doctors do not see any negative effects on the patients.

After the process, patients are proven to be cancer free and healthy. Although a lot of medical professionals believe that this new vaccine for cancer still needs further research before it can be completely used worldwide.

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