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New Elon Musk Mission Wants Brain-Computer Connection; Details Here [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 22, 2017 10:39 PM EDT

Elon Musk has unveiled more details into his new mission at Neuralink, after putting in serious money into the tech company. He believes that the third company he is heading will be at the forefront of developing technology for those who suffer from brain injuries and disorders.

Who Will Be Working With Musk?

It has already been confirmed that Elon Musk has recruited an all-star cast in the field of neuroscience and robotics to help him in his mission. The notable list includes Dr. Philip Sabes, formerly of University of California San Francisco who studied how brain controls movement, Vanessa Tolosa of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory whose expertise is on biocompatible materials and flexible electrodes, and Dr. Timothy Gardner, who implanted tiny electrodes in birds to study how they sing, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Neuralink's foremost mission is to create a product that can help people with severe cases of brain injuries, by linking the human brain to a machine using micron-sized particles, which they call neural laces. Elon Musk envisions that the new brain-machine interface will be completely integrated that flow of information between the brain and the machine or the outside world will be effortless. He believes that with this kind of connectivity people will be communicating telepathically when hooked up to the system, Reuters reported.

Neuralink's Mission And Challenges

Elon Musk believes that the technology in his mission to have uncompressed direct conceptual communication between healthy people will heavily rely on how the devices will work on the people with disabilities. Another hurdle that his mission needs to overcome is governmental regulation because of fears that if his work will be used in conjunction with dangerous applications of artificial intelligence.

This new Elon Musk venture is just one of the companies that he has interests in, that is involved in futuristic projects. He owns Tesla, which focuses on renewable energy and electric cars and SpaceX, which is involved in space exploration. He is also an investor in the Hyperloop project, that seeks to help solve transportation issues by allowing long-distance travel through tubes.

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