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Serena Williams Takes A Break From Tennis; Pregnant At 35 [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 21, 2017 10:58 AM EDT

The picture that Serena Williams shared on Snapchat, which had the intriguing caption "20 weeks" took the internet and sports fans by storm. Not because she was in a yellow swimsuit, but it meant that she is pregnant at 35.

Serena Williams Announced Engagement

A few months ago, she announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian but shrugged off reports that she was on the family way. Although, she commented on an Instagram post that she hoped she would be able to apply someday what was written in a guidebook for new mothers by Kelly Rowland.

It is no question that Serena Williams is the greatest in the game of tennis, after she broke the record of Steffi Graf for the most number of Grand Slam singles titles when she emerged champion in the Australian Open last Jan. Experts believe it would be no problem for her to return to form, even after getting pregnant at 35. Her muscular build, training during pregnancy, and her will power will spell the difference if she could return to championship form, Reuters reported.

Williams' Pregnancy At 35

Serena Williams though, may have cut it too close to get pregnant at 35. Most pregnancy experts believe that the light cardiovascular activity that tennis offers is beneficial but warns overdoing it during the late stages. Pregnant women of any age and fitness level are generally discouraged to engage in sports that can put them at risk of falls or hits to the belly, Live Science reported.

There is also a risk of miscarriage or even ectopic pregnancy when a woman gets pregnant at 35 or older. Also when a woman considers getting pregnant at that age, they should know that they are more prone to developing gestational diabetes and getting a C-section.

The baby is also at risk when a woman tries to get pregnant at 35 or older. This is when chromosomal abnormalities are more likely to develop during pregnancy.

But whatever the case, Serena Williams has already announced that she will take a rest from tennis and sit out the rest of the 2017 season to focus on safely delivering her newest trophy.

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