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Gluten-Celiac Disease Supplements Myth Busted; Check Out All The Details And Fraud Claims

Update Date: Apr 21, 2017 10:48 AM EDT

Gluten-Celiac disease does not have any cure and a person suffering from this condition has no other way but to avoid gluten-rich food. However, lately, lots of companies are claiming that they have come up with new digestive aids that can help the person suffering from gluten intolerance digest all types of gluten-rich food.

Are the Claims of Gluten-Digesting Supplements True?

According to Allergic Living, one should never fall prey to such advertisements promoting gluten-digestive aids. These promotional messages say that anyone suffering from the gluten-celiac disease can digest gluten with the help of their digestive probiotic capsules.

They claimed that their supplements actively break down gluten from the food and split it into smaller portions of the good protein, which get easily absorbed by the body. However, the source added that these supplement claims do not pass the reality check of gluten-celiac disease experts. At present, Glutagest and Gluten Cutter are on the top of the list of gluten-digestives, claiming that they can easily digest gluten-rich foods.

According to Shelley Case, the author of "Gluten-Free: The Definitive Resource Guide" and a practicing dietitian, these probiotic supplements and commercial enzyme do not treat gluten-celiac disease. She advised that people who are suffering from gluten intolerance should never use these supplements in place of a gluten-free diet or even to treat the contamination of inadvertent gluten.

 Making Lifestyle Changes To Control Gluten-Celiac Disease

According to Fox News, as of now, doctors do not have any special treatment or medication to cure or combat the disease. Instead, making simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in helping the patient heal the damage to the small intestine - and for that, avoiding gluten is a must.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing awareness for the gluten-celiac disease. There are many food companies currently that especially produce products free of gluten. Choosing such foods and brands can help the patient stay away from discomfort.

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