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'13 Reasons Why' Draws Flak On Mental Health, Suicide Treatment In Show

Update Date: Apr 20, 2017 07:41 PM EDT

The hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" has not only drawn a lot of praise but also stinging rebukes from mental health and suicide awareness advocacy groups on how they discussed these issues as the series progressed. Get more details, here.

What Is The Series About?

The series "13 Reasons Why" is a 2007 novel by Jay Asher and was produced as a television series for Netflix by Selena Gomez. Many critics have praised the production because it raises awareness on mental health issues and incites people to discuss things. The producers of the show hope they will be the voice of those who battle depression and those who are struggling with the thoughts of suicide, ABC News reported.

These praises however have been overshadowed by harsh criticisms on the show a few weeks after it ended. Because "13 Reasons Why" talks about a whole host of sensitive issues like depression, self-harm and suicide, some actors and mental health advocacy groups have been quick to point out that there are a lot of scenes in the series that could trigger young people to commit suicide and should not be taken lightly, Mashable reported.

Show Glamorized Suicide?

They believe that "13 Reasons Why" shows detailed risky suicide content that could lead the impressionable to act on it. They also think the show is oversimplifying the mental health issues.

Some have also pointed out that to have people who are having suicidal thoughts watch the show, they might get the wrong message that suicide is the only way to go. Such a thought is common among those who have tried, as they think that killing themselves not only is their only way out, but also a way to punish those who have hurt them and led them to do it.

Experts are hoping that the people who have watched "13 Reasons Why" will talk about mental health issues and remove the stigma of having emotional disorders. They also hope that the young people who have watched the show will take action to help people in these kinds of situations.

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