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Climate Change Reroutes Slims River In Four Days; ‘River Piracy’ Big Threat To Humanity

Update Date: Apr 20, 2017 04:51 AM EDT

High technological advancement and scientific development in the last more than a century have been the major cause of climate change. Truly speaking, despite plenty of hue and cry on this issue, it is almost not possible till date for the scientists to reduce the rate of change in the global climate.

Starting from melting of glaciers in the Himalayan range or even no man’s lands like Antarctica, plenty of issues are raised every alternate day to moderate the speed of climate change, but the constant technological advancement and scientific discoveries are always acting up against it.

Slims River Changes Direction In Just Four Days

Recently, a team of scientists detected maximum water gushing from a large-shaped glacier in northwest Canada, that has finally switched from one river to another. The Slims River in Canada must be called the first in the modern history to have quickly disappeared in just four days, and scientists blame global warming and climate change be the main cause of this “river piracy,” reports The Mercury News.

The melting of glacier as a result of climate change rerouted the river and shifted its flowing to southward into the Pacific Ocean from its previous flowing to northward into the Bering Sea. Scientists believe that it normally takes centuries for a river to change its course and thousands of years to disappear (for river piracy) as a result of natural damming or erosion of the route.

Dan Shugar, University of Washington Tacoma’s Geoscientist and his six researchers from American and Canadian universities studied the Slims River in May 2016 to understand how land changes. They noticed that the flow of water dropped abruptly between May 26 and 29. The scientists are worried that if this river piracy transforms the rivers, it could be dangerous for the mankind and life on earth.

Rapid Rising Of Ocean And Sea Levels 

On the other hand, a report published by MySuncoast claimed that climate change has left serious effects, including the rise of sea levels that has increased noticeably since 1997. Professors at the University of Miami said that the rate of present climate change will possibly increase the ocean by four feet and sea by seven feet. Had we listened to premonitions earlier, the problem would have been smaller but we are still making it bigger and bigger, as expressed by Dr. Harold Wanless.

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