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Aspirin Can Prevent Heart Attacks; Medicine Not Recommended For Healthy 50-70 Years Old

Update Date: Apr 20, 2017 10:59 PM EDT

There is no doubt that more and more people are suffering from conditions such as heart disease. Get to know if it is true that an aspirin a day can keep the heart attack away.

A recent report from TAPinto revealed that people who are at high-risk of heart attacks should be taking an aspirin a day. For people who already have heart disease or had a stroke and for those who are at high risk for heart disease, research claimed that the tablet a day can actually save life and can also keep you away from being admitted to a hospital.

Aspirin For Heart Attack Prevention

The publication added that Aspirin is actually a mainstay of treatment for heart diseases. According to research, it has an ability to thin the blood centers as an effect on platelets.

Platelets are the ones the circulates in blood streams. If there is a tear around the wall of a heart's blood vessel or a cholesterol-laden plaque in the artery and breaks it, the platelets will rush to the area of the injury. The injury can actually result into a heart attack, because the clot prevents bleeding, it can also stop the blood flow.

Aspirin inhibits the platelets, which puts the person who is taking it in danger for bleeding, when clots happen. It may also cause bleeding in the person's stomach due to ulcer, the colon due to polyps, or in the brain.

Usually, doctors prescribe the medicine to patients who had an acute heart attack. After a patient's heart attack, a (325 mg) is given daily to prevent another heart attack to occur.

This prescription is called as secondary prevention for heart attack. In this case, the medication has reportedly reduced the risk of stroke, heart attack or death by 33%.

Not Advised To Healthy Individuals

Meanwhile, Odessa American stated that it is not advised to patients under 50-70 years old, especially if they are healthy. The site stated that it is important to balance the advantages of taking the tablet against its potential risks such as bleeding.

Aspirin was not endorsed to healthy individuals who are not suffering from heart attacks.

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