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Mary Lambert Deals With Bipolar; Singer Embraces Body Positivity

Update Date: Apr 17, 2017 10:00 AM EDT

Mary Lambert has been a powerful voice on relevant issues. From openly talking about her bipolar disorder and de-stigmatizing it to sharing a message of body positivity to her fans, Mary has always been vocal and open in talking about certain issues and spreading awareness.

The Secret singer had always shared on her Instagram profile some lengthy messages about her thoughts and opinions on some important matters. One of the most powerful statements she posted was revealing what it was like to go through an episode of her bipolar disorder.

When it comes to mental health, there has always been a stigma surrounding. And because Mary is a famous, successful, and beautiful singer, having bipolar is something fans did not expect. Mary would like to change that.

Bipolar disorder is a mental health manic-depressive illness that makes a person have swift changes in mood and activity levels. Because it is a debilitating disorder, how a person functions to their day to day tasks can be affected.

Even when it is not talked about, this disorder is actually common. In fact, almost 6 million people in the US are affected by it as per Huffington Post.

Mary Lambert has maintained medications for 5 years that has helped to reduce the intensity and durations of her episodes. However, there are still days when she does not feel so good, but she has managed to work on that.

Moreover, Mary has learned to embrace everything about herself including her body. She admits some parts of her body, like stomach and back rolls, were some of the things she had not yet internalized according to Refinery29.

But because of one piece of clothing, a crop top, her view changed. Despite accentuating her "fat," she said she realized her rolls look so cute. She also said that she wishes she could give the "feeling of radical joy of reveling in self" to all the people, including her younger self.

 For as ~*body positive*~ as I've been for the last few years, I've still had a lot of internalized shit about my stomach roll and back rolls. Yesterday, however, changed something for me. It was a crop top. One that accentuates my back fat, making it more pronounced. I almost ripped it off, but then...Y'all. I THOUGHT MY BACK FAT WAS CUTE. I looked at something I've hated/felt indifferent about my whole life, and yesterday found myself saying "awww my cute back fat!". Lindy West did an interview recently where she said 3 things that profoundly moved me (paraphrasing): -it is exponentially difficult to take care of a body that you do not love. -it is a not a moral imperative to be healthy. Fat people do not owe you health. -fat bodies are not thin bodies failing. Babes, a body is never wrong. We're all on our own separate journeys with ourselves, and whether the goal is to love your body or even just see your body as a working thing, with no projection of beauty is a radical idea in our patriarchal/oppressive/capitalist society. Additionally, I have to point out that while this revelation of my sexy ass back roll is exciting, it's also privileged and a little complex: it took a new a piece of clothing to wake something up in me. I wish I could gift this feeling of radical joy of reveling in self to everyone, including my younger self.

A post shared by Mary Lambert (@marylambertsing) on Mar 24, 2017 at 8:15am PDT

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