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Low-Fat Dairy Products Reduce Risks of Depression and Beneficial For Health, Research Say [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 17, 2017 10:49 PM EDT

A research in Japan figured that those who consume a higher amount of low-fat milk and yogurt were in the lower ranks of developing symptoms of depression. The team said that if studied further, the study might be a breakthrough in the world of mental health in mimimiing and controlling the early stages of depression and mental issues. 

Women who want to stick to diets without compromising food are most likely eating low-fat dairy over full-fat dairy products. A new research in Japan suggests that low-fat dairy can also benefit one's mental health, the Medical News Today  reveals.

Low-fat dairy contains a unique package of healthy eating plan. It boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure levels, reduces some risks of cancer and diabetes, and helps maintain weight, the Dairy Council of California  sheds light.

In the Journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, the team of Professor Ryoichi Nagatomi of the Tohoku University in Japan reports that low-fat dairy products can lower the risk of depression. However, the study only focused on yogurt and milk, for starters.

To test their hypothesis, Dr. Nagatomi's team studied 1,159 adults in Japan aged 19-83 years old and a mixture of men and women- with women exceeding the numbers.

The participants disclosed in questionnaires on how often they consume low-fat and whole-fat milk or yogurt and were asked to answer questions to assess symptoms of depression using a 20-item self-rating scale.

Dr. Nagatomi's team identified depressive symptoms among 31.7 percent of the total number of women, and 31.2 percent from men. The findings resulted in a conclusion that compared with adults who have reported having no consumption of low-fat dairy products, those who consumed low-fat yogurt and milk four times a week have fewer symptoms of depression.

The researchers said that the current results of their study indicate that a higher frequency of low-fat dairy consumption may be a sign and a prevalence of lower depressive symptoms. However, the team said that it does not conclude consumption of whole-fat dairy to depression because there is yet a link to be identified between the two.

As of the moment, an ongoing study is being conducted on a scientific answer to the results provided.

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