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Cracking The Whip on Pain Medication: Chiropractic Treatment Great Alternative For Pain Relief [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 17, 2017 10:29 PM EDT

Chiropractic treatment has been long been regarded as a treatment that is not based on solid science and the therapeutic effects are not proven beyond reasonable doubt. Now a study has revealed that it is a relatively effective alternative for pain relief.

An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain so pain management is considered as one of the main concerns of the US National Institutes of Health. The study by Dr. Paul Shekelle showed that the people he surveyed with lower back pain reported having a pain rating decrease of one point after undergoing spinal manipulation for pain relief, NPR reported. The study analyzed previous publications which involved over 1,700 patients with lower back pain and rated the pain they felt in a scale of zero to ten.

Spinal manipulation involves moving joints in the spine and applying pressure on the spinal area much like what happens during chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and massages. How it relieves pain has been mostly hypothetical as it is not exactly clear how it works. Experts believe that the repositioning of the joints in the spine cause pain relief because of relaxed muscles or cause the body to restore some material between the disks of the spine.

Despite the bad press that chiropractic treatment has been getting people still go to chiropractors because one way or another they are trying out an alternative to pain medication. Even the American College of Physicians encourages people to avoid medication and seek alternative treatment that can speed up the healing process of the body.

Innovations have been made in alternative care that is non-invasive. A new procedure in chiropractic care involves lasers that instead of cutting tissue, the laser penetrates the skin and stimulates muscle tissue to initiate healing. This therapy is called "cold laser therapy" to differentiate it from surgical lasers that burn and cuts through tissue, Globe Newswire reported. The technology is now spreading steadily throughout the US and is seen as a great compliment to physical therapy.

The researchers believe that later studies can help them identify the prime candidates for alternative treatment. After all, spinal manipulation is now recommended for people who are not getting better by conventional means.

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