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What Wellness Travel Is; Activities To Do And Its Physical, Mental Benefits [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 17, 2017 09:46 AM EDT

A wellness travel has been gaining popularity nowadays to improve one's physical, mental and social health. This can be done through engaging one's self in activities that focus on areas where they have neglected or struggled with.

People usually go to travel to see places, experience different cultures, eat their cuisines and escape from their usual daily routine. But the importance of putting one's health at the forefront of the travel has been gaining importance everywhere.

What Is Wellness Travel

People doing a wellness retreat will focus their itineraries on activities specifically targeting their weak spots. Traveling would make them get their attention to the health issue and address it instead of just engaging in activities of a typical tourist according to The Everygirl.

Of course, there is no wrong or right way to travel. But one's purpose in doing so would affect what they choose to do, and those who travel with the intention of improving their health would be able to do so effectively with a wellness-oriented trip.

Because of that, these trips also take more commitment and structure than the usual itinerary. It will do more than just experiencing a place, but it will delve into experiencing a place to cater one's needs.

Wellness Trip: What To Do

Plans and itineraries vary from personal needs. Someone who wants to improve their physical wellness would be interested in doing activities like surfing, kayaking, ziplining and whatnot.

People who are stressed out oftentimes want to engage in an extreme activity. This is because, according to science, the pump of adrenaline rush throughout the body will reset and quiet the brain making the person experience relaxation, as per Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, other activities that work like therapy are helpful as well, especially for those who are struggling with their mental health. Something as simple as going for a spa day or thermal bath at least once a day in the entire trip could give major health benefits.

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