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NASA's Adopt The Planet Campaign on Earth Day [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 13, 2017 09:38 AM EDT

An Adopt the Planet campaign has been launched by NASA in the preparation for the upcoming Earth Day on April 22. NASA broke up the planet in 64,000 virtual pieces and those are now ready for adoption.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration came up with the concept of adopting a portion of the planet to show care and appreciation, the New York Post reports.

For one to join in the awareness, go to NASA's website, Adopt The Planet , and enter name. The site will randomly assign a free 55-mile corner of the Earth- whether it's in the sea, the jungle or an unknown piece of land. The world is covered with more than 70 percent of water so it should not be a wonder if one gets a random spot from the ocean.

Once done, a certificate with the name, ID number, adoption date and the coordinates of the portion of the world assigned, will be given, the NASA's press release  confirms.

In NASA's Worldview website, one can explore parts of the world- ranging from an unknown portion of the Amazon to the middle of the pacific ocean- everything is at hand with a single click of the finger. Although certificates of adoption are given, NASA clarifies that these certifications do not give one any legal ownership or rights onto the assigned section and portion of the land or ocean.

Images and data from the portions of the Earth are from NASA's fleet of 18 Earth science mission satellites supported by ships, ground observations, and aircraft, that touch lives of each individual around the globe.
The view from space gives people a perspective that cannot be obtained from just being on the ground. Instruments in space, experts, and scientists that study Earth could get data for the whole planet that one cannot get elsewhere.

Presently, 20,000 portions and corners of the world have been currently adopted and NASA hopes that all parts, all 64,000 pieces of it, will be adopted on or before Earth Day.

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