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Link Between Acne and Genetics Is Real, But Lifestyle Choices Matter [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 13, 2017 09:20 AM EDT

A link between acne and genetics has been tackled by skin experts to explain why some people are more prone to breakouts than others. Apparently, genes can be a factor. But one's hygienic routines can play a major role.

Just like how some people have higher risks of developing cysts or getting a disruption in immune systems, Arielle Nagler, MD, and Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology's associate professor in NYU Langone reveals some people do indeed have high androgen. Meanwhile, others have more sensitivity to the androgen that makes them susceptible to having acne.

Genetic Predisposition To Acne

Nerd Skincare's founder and biomedical engineer Evelyn Chen add that sebum level and skin's response to internal factors, hormonal changes and stress can differ by genes. In fact, a study conducted for identical and fraternal twins showed 81 percent of their acne is contributed by genes while the identical twins produced the same sebum amount as per Well+Good.

However, despite a long family history of being prone to zits, Dr. Nagler says there are a lot of contributing factors to add to it. So if even if one gets pimples during their teenage years, it is possible to make it go away as they grow up.

Founder and CEO of Osmia Organics skin care brand, Sarah Villafranco, MD, shares there are lifestyle choices that can influence how breakouts affect a person despite having a predisposition to zits. That is why it is important to be informed and smart in one's habits and routines.

Some ways Dr. Villafranco suggested include maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet and having a healthy stress management technique is helpful. Additionally, keeping one's hands, which are packed with many germs, away from the face all day could lessen the probability of developing acne.

Thus, despite the link between acne and genetics, the person's DNA alone should not be blamed for the appearance of pimples. The knowledge of one's predisposition can help to make the person make informed lifestyle choices would be effective to keep those zits at bay.

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