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Utah Zoo Polar Bear Euthanized; Kidney Failure Causes Difficult Decision [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 11, 2017 11:19 PM EDT

Rizzo is a Polar Bear in the Utah Hogle Zoo and has been euthanized last week right, after it has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The lone polar bear of Utah Zoo has lived in there since 2012 and is 19 years old.

Rizzo's Renal Condition

Utah zoo polar bear euthanized because the veterinarians realized that there is nothing more that can be done after the kidneys failed. Rizzo has resided in the zoo for five years and has been a special attraction for the establishment, according to NBC News.

Erica Hansen, a spokesperson for the zoo shared that the decision to euthanize the animal was not taken lightly. The decision for the Utah zoo polar bear euthanized came when the food did not take down at all.

Hansen noted that there is no cure for renal failure so the decision to euthanize Rizzo had to be done. The only thing that they needed to do before the decision was to make the animal comfortable. The polar bear underwent different tests before it was diagnosed with renal failure.

Is This Common For Polar Bears?

It is indicated that this type of illness is common among polar bears. In the meantime, before the veterinarians reached the decision to euthanize, they did everything to flush out Rizzo's fluids from the body in order for the animal to be in a comfortable state.

The decision to euthanize Rizzo was to save the polar bear from further discomfort that the illness can bring in. The Utah zoo polar bear was treated with utmost care and was also given all the medical attention it needed, as reported by TIME.

It was made clear that Rizzo passed away without any pain. The spokesperson also thanked supporters for all the care that was given to Rizzo. Polar bears are known to live their lives up until 30 years. However, they also are known to live the average of 15 to 18 years.

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