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5 Negative Health Effects Of Poor Posture To Make You Stand Straighterl

Update Date: Apr 13, 2017 09:17 AM EDT

People who have poor posture are more likely to suffer from negative health effects. Slouching can make the body less capable of facing everyday stresses from carrying weight, being in challenging positions and defying gravity.

There is a reason why soldiers are trained to have good and upright posture. Standing straight makes militaries be more confident, assertive and fearless to take risks. They are also stronger physically because their muscles are not strained from bad posture as per the Art of Manliness.

The spine of humans, when looked at sideways, should have an S-shape. This makes people stand upright which is developed after they are born. Babies do not have the curves of their spine that is why they could not stand until their spine is developed.

But at this day and age, people spend more time crouching over and looking down at their computer or phone screens. The negative health effects of poor posture could have a serious impact on the body that should not be ignored.

Why Bad Posture is Bad

First, the person can experience muscle strain since the muscles will have to work harder in keeping the spine stabilized. That added work on the muscles can lead to chronic issues and pain felt from the person's neck all the way to the lower back.

Another effect of bad posture is the development of nerve constriction. The spinal nerves that are pinched due to change in shape of the spine will cause to be felt all around the body.

Third, poor posture can lead to vertebral subluxation when the spinal curve is misaligned. Aside from the impact on the spinal column's wellness, it can also cause stress and irritability according to Ted-Ed.

Blood vessel constriction can cause cutting off or limiting of blood supply to the muscles that impact the body's oxygen and nutrient supply. When the brain does not receive enough oxygen, a person's memory, and learning ability decline too.

And lastly, the negative health effects of poor posture include spinal curvature. This could affect a person's capability of maintaining balance and absorbing shock and impact.

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