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Infections Of A Rare Parasitic Worm Confirmed In Maui, Hawaii [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 10, 2017 11:28 AM EDT

Infections of a rare parasitic worm in Hawaii are currently spreading. There are already six confirmed cases of the infection in Maui. This latest case of infection from this rare parasite is called the rat lungworm.

The infections of rare parasitic worm are alarming and it can go up to the brain. There is a significant rise in the numbers of those who are infected according to ARS Technica. This infection can heal by itself or it may invade a person's brain.

Once the rat lungworm affects the brain it can then lead to further complications. The person affected by the infections of rare parasitic worm may have an inflammation of the brain, will be in pain and will experience other neurological problems. The infection of the rare parasitic worm may cause tremors to the patient.

It is indicated that the rat lungworm is hard to diagnose and worse it has no treatment as of this time. The rat lungworm also called the Angiostrongylus cantonensis infects rats' lungs and their blood. The intermediate hosts for the infection may be snails, lizards, land crabs and freshwater shrimps.

These hosts get the infection from the rat's poop that has been infected by the parasite. Humans can get the infection by getting contaminated from these hosts mentioned. The rat lungworm, once it enters the human's system lives in the brain.

Meanwhile, the rat lungworm had two cases being confirmed in the past as shared by the Maui health officials. The current number confirmed with the infection is quite a high jump from the numbers in the past reports as reported by The Maui News.

Additionally, the infection may cause the patient to suffer from meningitis. This causes the person to suffer from severe headaches and stiffening of the neck. The person infected can also experience tingling in the skin or the extremities.

Paralysis of the face may also be another symptom that a patient will suffer from. So far there has been no treatment reported for the disease.

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