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Reducing Depression and Stress With New Forgiveness Therapy Techniques [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 10, 2017 07:32 AM EDT

The Forgiveness Therapy techniques are new and effective approaches intended for people with psychological depression. Reducing depression and stress can be achieved with the method through targeting and learning to handle unhealthy anger.

Depression is not a rare condition. In fact, over 14 million people in the US are diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and at least 25 percent of primary care patients suffer from depression.

However, this condition is treatable and there are many therapies and medications available today in reducing depression and stress. One approach being explored further nowadays is the Forgiveness Therapy techniques, according to Psychology Today.

This therapy focuses on the processes of forgiveness. This pivotal development for patients has helped many in resolving their anger over betrayals, restoring the peace of mind and reducing depression and anxiety as the first steps to healing.

Method of Forgiveness Therapy

Treating depression is not merely targeting the condition. There are three central issues that need to be tapped on in order to move forward with the person's therapy.

First of all, it is important to realize the injustice felt by a person. And then, it must be understood how and why this injustice causes an emotional pain to the person who was treated unfairly. Lastly, this can turn into an unhealthy anger that consumes a person wholly and must be addressed.

After all of these are identified, a therapist can then help the patient express the anger boiling inside of them. At this point, the emotions must be uncovered and released once and for all.

Next comes understanding the reason behind the experience and accepting the depth of one's anger. From here, after delving deeper, the patient can then start rebuilding one's feeling of safety.

Finally, the person can learn to let go. Freeing one's self of the feeling of anger and resentment through forgiveness will help them let go of the past as they move towards their future with a more positive outlook.

Reducing depression and stress with the Forgiveness Therapy techniques will also be coupled with medication and other treatments as it is not a substitute for psychotherapies. Instead, this method is a supplement to make the approaches even more effective.

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