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'Shokugeki No Soma' Chapter 210 Spoilers, Recap: Soma Makes Fried Soba Dish, Isshiki's True Powers

Update Date: Apr 08, 2017 07:34 AM EDT

In the latest chapter of "Shokugeki No Soma," the connection between Isshiki and Nene have been revealed. Check out the spoilers for "Shokugeki No Soma" Chapter 210.

The story continues for the lovable yet eccentric Yukihara Soma. He and his fellow rebels went against the central and Erika Nakiri's father, Azami. They are now slated to participate in a cooking battle in order to have a spot in the student council.

"Shokugeki No Soma" Chapter 210 Recap, Spoilers

"The Rotten Bonds of East and West" starts off with Isshiki as he prepared the eels for his dish. His former teammates cannot help but be amazed by his talent that he has kept hidden.

In the last chapter, Julio might have struck a nerve after mentioning about the Satoshi family. He said that the former elite ten member is a "drop-out" from the clan.

It was then revealed that he came from a family know for traditional Japanese cuisine. The Satoshis reside in the west, while Nene's clan leads the eastern region.

Isshiki And Nene's Childhood Connection Revealed

Nene seems skeptical on why Isshiki has been supportive of Soma. The manga did not explore their relationship, besides teasing each other until now. Isshiki began living at her home to become an apprentice.

The master of the house told Nene that she should be good to him. To her surprise, Isshiki almost caught up with her in terms of the activities. Their rivalry might be the root of the hate brewing between them.

Nene told Isshiki that he should stop from holding back. Now, she wanted to know who would win if they both win the first round. 

However, Isshiki has someone else in mind as his opponent.  "Long before you get the chance, you will lose to a chef named Yukihara Souma." Isshiki said via Manga Stream.

"Shokugeki No Soma": Soma And His Fried Soba Dish

The chapter ended as Nene and Soma finish their respective works. Nene previously chose the more traditional route in cooking her soba. He then added some sakura shrimp as her newest ingredients.

Soma, on the other hand, chose another weird method. After using the noodle maker, he picked up a giant pot to fry his noodles.

Who do you think will win the two matches? Is it Nene or Soma? How about the eel battle between Julio and Isshiki?

"Shokugeki No Soma" will release a new chapter soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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