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Being Alone is Good for Mental Health For Restoration and Creativity [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 07, 2017 08:28 AM EDT

A recent story cultivated how being alone is good for the mental health of everyone. Choosing solitude can actually boost one's health because of the opportunity to be restorative, innovative and independent.

People are social creatures. In fact, the old-age saying "no man is an island" continues to be a mantra for most people to remind themselves that they need each other to grow into better and stronger individuals.

However, being alone is also essential for health. Solitude allows being restorative even though it is still a challenge to express it in scientific terms, according to Brent Crane, author of the story in the Atlantic.

Each One Needs Solitude

There have been various studies exploring how solitude lets people tap into their inner selves and bolster creation. A clinical professor of the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin, Christine Whelan, said introspection, deep thoughts, and creative work comes from giving one's self some space away from the distractions as per

Being alone is good for the mental health because it helps alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. However, what seems to be the thin line that separates solitude to loneliness is simply a choice.

Loneliness Impacts Health

Some people are hesitant, and even scared, to be alone. While solitude is one's "choice for introspection," loneliness is the feeling of being isolated socially when one does not want to be, according to Whelan.

Loneliness can be dangerous as studies show effects that it can lead to physical and mental illnesses. Deprivation of having social connections can, in fact, increase the risk of a person dying, being physical ill and developing a mental condition.

The key here is to find equilibrium. A person can allocate time just for herself by plugging off social media and doing activities independently as being alone is good for the mental health. However, one should know the limitations of when they actually need another person's presence face to face and not just behind screens.

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