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Six-Year-Old Girl Loses A Leg Because of Flesh-Eating Bacteria [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 07, 2017 08:40 AM EDT

Tessa Puma initially had strep throat infection. However, the child got struck with the flu in the previous week and had to go through amputation at the Akron Children's Hospital after complications made her lose a leg because of a flesh-eating bacteria.

The 6-year-old girl from Ohio had streptococcal pharyngitis, or commonly known as strep throat. It is an infection at the back of the throat from the group A streptococcus bacteria.

From A Strep Throat

They remedied it with antibiotics but she later on contracted influenza. Her parents were alarmed when Tessa complained of pain in her arms and legs.

When they took her to the hospital, the doctors confirmed the child had the flu and the presence of an infection, according to Tessa's father, Matt Puma, as per the ABC News. The girl's condition got worse, especially on her legs, that simply touching her could make her scream in pain.

It is when doctors had to perform surgery that they found out the damage on the girls left leg and some areas on her shoulders and back. Doctors called the infection necrotizing fasciitis, which they believe to have come from her strep throat infection.

Tessa had to lose a leg because of the flesh-eating bacteria as her left leg no longer had a pulse. It meant it already had too many dead tissues that it had to be amputated in order for her to live.

Dangerous Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The necrotizing fasciitis is an infection of the soft tissue. It occurs when the group A streptococcus bacteria travels on the person's bloodstream, infiltrating the skin, muscles and subcutaneous tissue. It is commonly known as the flesh-eating bacteria.

This type of infection can easily spread inside the person's body and cause complications. At worse, it can even lead to death.

As of this writing, the girl is recovering in the hospital following the surgery that made her lose a leg because of the flesh-eating bacteria. Her father, meanwhile, is positive that his little girl will get through this and return to do what she loves which is dancing.

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