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Causes of the Brain To Age Faster: What To Avoid Doing [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 07, 2017 09:03 AM EDT

Everyone's minds decline as they grow older. To help in slowing down the brain's deterioration, a health expert shares the causes of the brain to age faster and what people should avoid doing.

Growing old is known to accompany changes to a person's physical appearance. The skin begins to sag, knees begin to ache and the body just feels less superior than it did during one's younger years.

What most people tend to overlook is how the brain ages too. It can be observed that older people have a harder time of remembering things and a slower speed of processing information.

That is because it is inevitable for the brain to shrink. The good news, though, is that there are lifestyle changes to be done that could slow down brain aging. The health expert, Kelly Crawford, shares what things and habits to avoid in order to keep one's brain young as long as possible to Bustle.

What Not to Do for the Brain

One of the main causes of the brain to age faster is living a sedentary life. Most people nowadays stay glued to their seats as they work the entire day.

And if they are not working, the only activity they do on their free time is watching TV. While each person can do what he or she pleases with their idle time, this kind of lifestyle will surely quickly age the brain.

Additionally, sleeping late can bring negative effects to one's whole being as the body needs enough and good shut eye after functioning the whole day. Not getting enough sleep could alter a person's body temperature, metabolism and critical functions.

One reason a person can find it difficult to sleep is staring at electronics before going to bed. The blue light emitted from smartphones, tablets and computer screens can actually slow the production of melatonin, essential for one's sleep and wake cycles, in the brain.

Other causes of the brain to age faster are smoking and being stressed which is known to be not good for one's healthy generally. Not taking care of the body, like neglecting exercise and a healthy diet can also take a toll on the quicker deterioration of a person's brain.

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