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Mom of Alexis Shapiro Who Has Hypothalamic Obesity Says Tumor Has Shrunk [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 06, 2017 07:27 AM EDT

The brain tumor of Alexis Shapiro who has hypothalamic obesity has shrunk by half after going through a proton radiation therapy. The teenage girl has faced an extreme weight gain because of her previous brain surgery, and now she is trying to get back the life she lost.

Jenny Shapiro, Alexis' mother, and her family found out that Alexis had a brain tumor and had to go through a brain surgery in 2011. It removed the tumor, but the operation also left some side effects on the child.

The Shapiros were even more devastated when her tumor returned in 2015. This time, though, they looked for other alternatives that would keep Alexis away from the operating room, as reported in the

That is how they agreed to apply for the intense six-week proton radiation study. Conducted in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the physicians target the brain tumor sans radiation side effects of the traditional method.

Fortunately, the therapy is effective as Jenny shares Alexis' tumor has shrunk by half. The now 15-year-old Alexis will continue participating in the study for five years as St. Jude's monitor her progress.

Uncontrollable Weight Gain of Alexis Shapiro Who Has Hypothalamic Obesity

When Alexis first underwent brain surgery, her hypothalamus got damaged. Since it is the part of the brain responsible for metabolism and the control of feeling hungry or full, Alexis ballooned to 203 lbs at just the age of 12.

Her condition is called hypothalamic obesity. Additionally, she also developed weight-related diseases like diabetes and stress on her liver and pancreas.

Aside from that, it affected Alexis' mobility and she always felt pain and fatigue. The weight gain also took a toll on Alexis by affecting the already shy and introverted girl emotionally and socially.

However, she has worked hard to change her diet and physical activities since then and went through weight-loss surgeries for the sake of her health. While gaining weight for Alexis Shapiro who has hypothalamic obesity is uncontrollable, she is ready to face a whole new chapter in her life as a better version of herself when she enters high school.

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