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Employees Injected With Microchip Implants In Sweden: Managers Can Check How Long They Work [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 06, 2017 08:01 AM EDT

Epicenter, a Stockholm digital innovation and technology hub, is giving its employees free microchip implants in Sweden for the convenience it purportedly offers, especially for the managers.

It has injected 150 people working at Epicenter with the grain-sized microchip that can be used for easier access to photocopiers and for opening doors with just a swipe of the hand.

The microchip implants in Sweden is injected into the fleshy part next to the thumb of the employees' hand using a syringe. It has been used in animals and humans. Patrick Mesterton, CEO at Epicenter Stockholm, did not think this idea was unusual.

He cited the use of pacemakers, a device used for controlling abnormal heart rhythms, as an example. He argued that the microchip is less serious than a pacemaker and it could actually communicate with devices, the CNBC reported.

The implanted electronic device will allow executives to keep track of how long the staff work, where they are, and even when they are having a toilet break.

Mesterton promoted the action as a way to make life more convenient and simple. Soon, a part of its features is enabling workers to pay for lunch at the café easily. It will have the capacity to do what credit cards and smartphones do such as paying for airline fares and going to the local gym.

Having the radio-frequency identification chip allows the employees to connect with personal devices like smartphones as it has a capacity to interact with apps. It can also communicate with the systems in the building.

However, it does raise issues about privacy and security. Ben Libberton, a microbiologist from Karolinska Institute, thought it begs questions about what the data stored in it will eventually be used for, by whom, and who will have access to it, according to the ABC Australia.

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