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New Tech KwitCase 2.0 Application That Helps Quit Smoking To Come Soon [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 05, 2017 07:14 AM EDT

The upcoming tech called KwitCase 2.0 application that helps quit smoking by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural gamification is made for smokers. Because of the mechanism, it can smartly provide the user a personalized plan to live a smoke-free life.

An intelligent cigarette case will be connected to the users' phone through Bluetooth. KwitCase will initially get to know the user through gathering data from the questions needed to be answered by the user as it sets the application up.

Smart Application Against Smoking

Users will also have to set their Quit Date by their preference. Because of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the application can monitor the user and gather information.

This software can get material and teach itself to grow with the new info. Once it gets enough data, more engagement will follow based on the users' routines, goals and cues.

Moreover, the neural gamification provides game-design elements and principles to make the experience fun for the user. That is why the KwitCase 2.0 application that helps quit smoking can do its job by educating the user and lessening their craving to smoke with scientifically-proven proprietary games, as revealed in Indiegogo.

Efforts to Fight Smoking Addiction

At a certain point in smoking, the sheer definition to quit is not enough. The reason behind that is nicotine addiction which is the same to being addicted to heroin or cocaine.

The dependence that grows over time with smoking will take a toll on the person's mental and physical health. This can be a serious case since smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer which is considered to be one of the most preventable causes of the disease.

The American Lung Association reports 550,000 lives are taken each year because of the disease in the US alone. However, there are continued efforts to fight and prevent this condition.

In fact, a new drug called Opdivo was recently found to give a long-term survival for patients according to the WebMD. The immunotherapy drug is approved in the US and is being tested further for non-small-cell lung cancer.

With the KwitCase 2.0 application that helps quit smoking, though, the condition can potentially be prevented. There will be no more need for medication and extensive treatments if the smoker will decide to quit before things go worse.

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