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Study: Cancer Is Preventable by 40% Through Certain Factors [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 05, 2017 07:15 AM EDT

A new research conducted by scientists from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center reveals there is 40 percent of preventable cancer through certain factors like lifestyle and diet. The study serves as an eye-opener for people to be more mindful of their habit choices.

Cancer is one of the world's biggest nemeses that target a person's health. It is known that the majority of cancer cases are due to one's DNA mutations.

This means a person's genes make contracting cancer unavoidable for 60 percent of the patients. The findings of Christian Tomasetti and Bert Vogelstein reported that some people are just misfortune to have mutations of DNA in a cancer driver gene, according to the NPR.

Some Cancers Can Be Prevented

Meanwhile, it is also worth noting how there is preventable cancer through certain factors. In fact, it includes cancer types that are considered most deadly which is lung cancer.

The use of tobacco is a major factor in the development of the disease. Cancer caused by tobacco kills 6 million people each year from smoking, second-hand smoke to chewing tobacco. Since it is is a lifestyle choice, people can make conscious decisions on avoiding the risk factor.

Another factor that can develop cancer is a person's physical fitness. Being overweight makes people more susceptible to developing cancer in the breast, colon, esophagus and kidney.

With that, everyone must be mindful of their weight. This includes exercising and having a healthy and nutritious diet.

Additionally, alcohol intake is another common cause of preventable cancer. The World Health Organization says 300,000 lives are taken every year because of this vice.

Ultimately, the findings of preventable cancer through certain factors give people the knowledge and responsibility of being in control of their health. Even though the majority of cancer cases are unavoidable, the development of modern medicine gives hope to millions of people.

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