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Study Claims Living Under Flight Path Roar May Cause Diabetes [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 04, 2017 07:04 AM EDT

A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology claims that people living under flight path roar are at risk with type 2 diabetes. Those exposed to aircraft noise are 86 percent more vulnerable to diabetes than those who live in a quieter and peaceful environment.

Dr. Mayanak Patel from the Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation said that the plausible mechanisms have linked aircraft noise and diabetes. Scientists discovered that noise from planes flying overhead a sleeping person has troubling effects to the person's body, disturbing regular flow of metabolism while at rest which leads to the rise of blood sugar levels, the Daily Mail pointed out.

The study got its verification when Basel's Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute formed a team of scientists and studied a total of 2,600 adults to figure out and unravel the effects of air and noise pollution. The results also revealed that changes in sugar levels occur during sleep disruption at night where stress levels are raised and contributes to a knock-out effect.

Type 2 diabetes might endanger the heart leading to heart diseases; it might also affect the eyes and cause blindness. More of its effects are limb amputation and strokes, the Accra FM reported.

Questions have arisen on how to prevent after the study on people living under flight path roar may cause diabetes. The scientists have advised to simply close windows where the noise would not penetrate. If possible, avoid too much exposure from noise which does not only limit from plane roars.

In London's Heathrow Airport alone, an estimate of more than 700,000 people is affected by flight and plane noise. The European Commission has yet to produce specific numbers regarding al the affected areas of aircraft noise pollution but one thing for sure, noise not only contributes to irritation and disrupts activities like rest and sleep- it might also cause Type two diabetes.

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