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An iPhone charged while asleep nearly killed a man from electrocution [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 04, 2017 07:02 AM EDT

Wiley Day from Huntsville, Alabama was electrocuted while charging his iPhone overnight. The man obtained second to third-degree burns and was electrocuted with 110 volts. Doctors said he was lucky to be alive.

Day was so used to charging his phone overnight and kept it close to him while sleeping. Day learned a lesson not to leave gadgets lying around the hard way.

The 32-year old's iPhone charged while asleep nearly killed a man and was electrocuted with 110 volts from rolling over his bed and his dog-tag necklace became a conductor when it came into close contact with his charger head that had worn off from the extension cord, Day said in an interview with the Washington Post.

According to the American Burn Association, there are 4,400 reported injuries caused by electrical hazards in the United States, with an average of 400 electrocution deaths. They also said that extension cords cause 4,700 residential fires every year with a range of 280 injuries and 50 deaths. Wiley Day's case was just one of the many instances where too much attachment from technological devices actually led to a dangerous path.

Day was thrown out of the bed in a matter of seconds and he said that the electricity that traveled to his neck was the darkest, eeriest, and most demonic thing he could ever experience. He said to the Post that his experience could not be described with words.

While Day was on the ground, he started to feel numb and he actually felt like he was already dying. Everything around him was turning gray and black while he was shouting for help in neighboring relatives. Luckily, her older niece found her and relayed to her that he kept on yelling Jesus. Wiley Day said that he actually believes that God spared him his life and gave him another shot to live, the Inquisitr reports.

Reports reveal that after three days of treatment and hospitalization, Day was released from the hospital. An iPhone charged while asleep nearly killed a man issue is not at all new. Although with different circumstances, the dangers of being too inseparable with electricity conducting gadgets may eventually cause harm if not used and handled properly. Authorities hope Day's story serve as a warning to those still charging phones for longer periods of time.

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