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Benefits Of Owning A Dog To Health And More [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 03, 2017 07:01 AM EDT

Studies have revealed information that dog owners might be happy to know -- that the benefits of owning a dog include a lower risk for heart disease, reduced stress levels and a stronger immune system.

Having a pet, especially a dog has been associated with better cardiovascular health by the American Heart Association. It may likely be due to the physical activity that having a dog usually brings about, and it is helping the owners attain the recommended daily level of activity. Adopting a dog was found to do this compared to having a cat or none at all.

Moreover, people with cardiovascular diseases who owned a dog were found to have a higher survival rate after having a heart attack than those who did not have a pet.

A study which examined the impact of petting a friendly dog to health demonstrated that this behavior causes hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin to be released by the body. These hormones are known to be responsible for feelings of happiness. Another piece of research showed that petting a dog increases the level of serotonin in the body and lowers blood pressure.

The onset of allergy could be delayed in babies 6-month old and younger whose family has a pet. A study revealed that they may also enjoy a lower likelihood of developing conditions such as eczema, hay fever and respiratory infections.

One of the advantages of owning a dog is better gut health which may be the result of exposure to good bacteria present in the dog, according to the Fox News.

The benefits of owning a dog go beyond physical health. Officials of Adam Elementary School in Santa Maria, California have tapped the help of dogs to build confidence in the second graders, enabling the students to build reading skills. They initiated a program in which a therapy dog, with the presence of its trainer, listened to a child read a book without other students in the room.

It is unclear whether it has actually improved the target skill but it has definitely made students feel good about reading and some of them have been able to read faster than before, the KEYT reported.

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